When you need experience, we've got you covered.

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your fleet runs smoothly and safely. Let us take care of everything so you can stay focused on your business.

Driver Onboarding

LBC Fleet Management can simplify your onboarding process, helping you save time.

Onboarding can be slow and time-consuming.  With LBC Fleet, you simply set up your new hire in our system and our team lets you know once they’re ready to start.

Our unique process to onboarding turns around most new hires in 24-48 hours.

Driver File Management

LBC Fleet Management can help you stay on top of your driver qualification files.

Most compliance companies simply tell you when documents are coming due!

We update your driver files directly with your drivers. All files are securely stored and readily available for review anytime, ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

Fleet Management

Allow LBC Fleet Management to be your dedicated company fleet manager.

Our dedicated fleet managers  not only monitor vehicle issues but also schedule preventative maintenance.

We evaluate vendors and work with dispatch to maximize fleet utilization. Let us help you maximize fleet profitability with real time metrics and reporting.

Audit Preparation

Any audit, wether from the government, a large client, or your insurance company can be daunting.

We boast extensive experience, having successfully conducted audits and reviews with various regulatory bodies such as FMCSA, DOD, CHP, NTA, numerous PUCs, and insurance companies.

Proper audit preparation instills confidence and peace of mind, minimizing the impact on your company.

Mock Audits

Want to know if you're audit ready? A mock audit gives you the answers you need to make operational improvements.

Leveraging our experience from over 700 audits, we review your paperwork and systems for compliance, following the same standards used in a real audit.

Additionally, we offer the option of conducting unannounced checks with tight deadlines, closely simulating real-world scenarios.

Safety Rating Upgrades

Not every audit goes well. If you receive a conditional or unsatisfactory rating, let us help you get back to satisfactory.

A poor safety rating can have a significant impact on your business. Insurance companies may refuse coverage, or clients may cancel business. Let us help  prevent lost clients and increased insurance rates.

Our team has had a 100% success rate with FMCSA Safety Rating Upgrades.  Don’t trust just anyone.

Drug Testing

LBC Fleet also offers full drug testing and consortium services - keeping all your compliance in one place.

We provide C/TPA Services(Consortium/Third Party Administrator) and testing across 18,000 locations nationwide with turnarounds and pricing that are hard to beat.

Average Turnaround Time (2023)
-CDL:  25 Hours     -Non-CDL:  7 Minutes

Cost per Test:  $55

Background Checks

LBC Fleet offers background checks at competitive pricing. No more secondary systems or processes needed.

We offer background checks in all 50 states that are compliant with federal, state and local rules.

Our standard background check includes nationwide criminal, sex offender, SSN verification and 7 year county checks.

Cost per Check:  $40

Driving Records

Let LBC Fleet not only pull your driving records, but also monitor them for you. No more roadside surprises.

In addition to automating the driving record check required at hire and annually, LBC Fleet also offers MVR monitoring. 

This service notifies you every time a driver’s record changes so that you know about it in real time.

MVR:  Cost + $5.           Monitoring:  $2.50 per Driver