Restore Your Safety Rating

We help clients who received a conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating get upgraded.The average successful safety rating upgrade is over 300 pages!

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A poor safety rating can have a huge impact on your business. Insurance companies may refuse coverage, or clients may cancel business. From lost clients to increased insurance rates, it’s never a good thing. First, you must correct the problems, but that isn’t enough. You still need to prove your case to the DOT.

Whether you just completed the audit or received your last review years ago, we can still help. Either way, our goal is to put together a package that proves your commitment to being a safe and legal operation.

We have a 100% success rate on safety rating upgrades!

How We Do It

We start by identifying and correcting any remaining issues. Then, we write policies and procedures to help you stay compliant. After that, we prepare a full safety management plan for the DOT. Finally, we prove your case, with hundreds to thousands of pages of documentation.

Here is an outline of the process:

  • Analyze your last review
  • Interview your management
  • Provide policies/procedures as needed
  • Prepare the safety management plan
  • Gather supporting documents as needed
  • File your package with the DOT
  • Follow-up until resolved

Proving compliance to a skeptical reviewer is a challenge, but not one you have to face alone.

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