What We Do

Utilizing our experience in DOT, State, City and Insurance Audits we review your paperwork and systems for compliance. As an option, we provide unannounced checks and the tight deadlines that closely simulate the real word.

If we discover any issues, we provide easy to implement solutions and policies that work with your business.

At the end of the process we submit a review and recommendations. Most reviews include both compliance and operational suggestions to maximize compliance and efficiency.

Do you have your own staff that manage compliance? Want to make sure everything is good? Let us conduct a mock audit of your compliance program.

How a Mock Audit Works

Mock audits can be planned or unannounced, the choice is yours. For the best results we recommend providing a few days notice, similar to most real audits. We can conduct these audits either in-person or remotely, but usually remotely to keep down costs.

We start by requesting a list of drivers and vehicles. Once received, we create a sample list based upon your needs. We then request the applicable documents from your staff and review it for compliance. In the case of remote audits, this can be done via scan or mail. If we discover any missing items, we request the missing documents and track the time it takes to receive them. After reviewing all documents, we provide a written review and recommendations. We then close with a conference call to address any questions.

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