Digital Vehicle Inspections

Nothing is more critical to running a safe operation than conducting proper vehicle inspections. Even the best driver needs the right tools to do their job.

An unfortunate reality is too many drivers simply check the boxes without conducting a thorough inspection.

Our Solution?
QR Codes – Create a custom checklist, print your stickers and say good-bye to faked inspection.

Body Damage Tracking

Body Damage Happens. Allow drivers to easily see what damage has already been reported and what damage needs to be. By simply clicking on the affected area, a driver can see the previous picture or submit a new one.

All pictures are time and date stamped.

Maintenance Issues

One of the most common complaints that we hear from drivers are that maintenance issues go unresolved. When a driver reports an issue, a work order is automatically created, allowing you to monitor average repair time and be aware of any safety related issues.

Out of Service reports are automatically sent to your staff, ensuring they receive as much time as possible to adjust dispatching as necessary.

Hours of Service

Hours of Service is a pain. Using our proprietary setup we’ve made it easy. On most days, the driver simply goes on duty at the beginning and off duty at the end. For companies that generally operate locally, the short-haul provisions automatically detect variations and alert the driver to log properly when necessary.

For those with longer trips, we provide an FMCSA compliant ELD.

Digital Glovebox

Lost documents are a waste of time and can result in roadside violations. With our system, simply upload the documents you need at the company or vehicle level. Drivers can then access them directly from the App.

Common documents include: Registration, Insurance, DOT Inspection, Local Permits, Vehicle Specific Instructions.

Accident Reporting

Proper documentation following an accident is crucial. Our App takes the guesswork out of a complete accident report. Simply follow the steps on the screen and hit submit.

The company is then notified of the accident, all relevant data, and even if the driver needs to take a post-accident drug test.

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