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The fastest way to hire a new driver

Use this process to streamline your hiring and lose fewer drivers during the on-boarding process.

  1. After selecting an applicant for interview – send them the following email along with a calendar invite for their interview.

    Please be aware ______________ is a DOT regulated employer.  In order to be eligible for employment, you must be able to pass a DOT Medical Physical and a pre-employment drug test.  In addition, please arrive at the interview with a copy of your motor vehicle record that is no older than 10 days.  If you are a CDL, the motor vehicle record must show your medical certification information.  To complete our application process, you must be able to provide all work history for the last three years and for any driving jobs for a total of ten years (including contact information).  In addition, please be sure to have all residency information for the preceding three years.  If you have any questions, please call ______________ and speak to _________________ before your interview.

    Thank you for considering __________________, we look forward to meeting you!

  2. Conduct the interview

  3. Follow the instructions in this link to start their hire paperwork

    How to send an application to a new hire

  4. Have the applicant complete the hire paperwork – ideally on a spare computer or tablet

    Get copies of their license and DOT medical card
    Send this and the MVR to [email protected].

  5. Take the applicant on a road test – or have them tested by your staff

    Complete this form

  6. Send the applicant for their drug test and/or DOT medical card

    Instructions on the Accu-Trace Portal

  7. Wait for the drug test results – that’s it!

    How to check an applicant’s status

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