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How to run a Clearinghouse query

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse first took affect in early 2020. All query of all CDL drivers must be conducted at least once per year and prior to hire.

  1. Create an account on

    Here is a guide on how to register.
    Be sure to add plenty of credits – a good guide is 2x the number of CDL drivers you employ.

  2. Log In

  3. Select Conduct a Query (Midway down the page)

  4. Add the Driver Information – Click Verify Driver Information

  5. Select a Query Type

    Full – Use this for new hires or those with positive results on a limited
    Instructions on Full Query
    Limited – Use this for annual review
    Instructions on Limited Query
    *Note: Full queries will require the driver to log in and sign off, limited queries require a signed consent form that can be found here: Limited Query Release Form

  6. Click Conduct Query (Limited) or Send Consent Request (Full)

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