ELDs are electronic logging devices. These units plug into the vehicle and are designed to automatically create a record each time the vehicle moves. The goal is prevent companies and drivers from creating false logs in an effort to cover more distance or work more hours.

Depending on your operation, you may not need ELD’s.  The FMCSA exempts any driver who is covered by the 100 air mile exemption and does not exceed it more than 8 times in a 30 day period is not required to utilize ELD’s.

This means, if your drivers generally start at and return to base within 12 hours and stay within 115 miles, they probably do not need ELDs.

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ELDs work with electronic logs, but having electronic logs does not require ELDs. For most companies they’re simply an added expense and an administrative nightmare. Imagine the burden created by having to log every time a vehicle moves around the lot.

Limo & Bus Compliance will help you decide if you need ELDs and if you do, we have a fully integrated solution with LimoLogs. If you don’t, we invite you to explore LimoLogs or PocketFleetManager to help simplify your compliance and fleet management.

For those companies who have chosen another solution, we offer outsourced program management for all the most common providers.

For more information on Limo Logs CLICK HERE

If you are looking for a DVIR solution, that doesn’t add logs check out Pocket Fleet Manager.



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